Number 140 / December 2002

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of activities, a good number on rivers in the area. Apart from SteveR and KeithM, who were involved in running the show, about 12 OCSG members made the trip to Windermere. Unfortunately the wind declined to put in a significant appearance, making Keith's workshops less thrilling than hoped for, but some sailing was possible on the afternoon of both days. It rained on Saturday night and Sunday morning but the expected high winds didn't materialise. He said that a few converts might have been made, some rigs having been ordered from Solway Dory, apparently.

SueB paddled but did not sail. However she thought the workshops she saw were good and she met canoeists from all over the country. Particularly interesting was the talk and discussion in the evening headed by the manager of "Pyranha". He talked about canoe design and was keen to hear what canoeists had to say on the subject. JohnS found the whole event excellent. "Great people", he said, "typically big and hairy". Interestingly, quite a few of those he met fancied using a sailing rig as an aid, quickly set up, to making ground on the wind during long trips on lochs and suchlike. (Paddling with the wind is a doddle, of course.) Perhaps they should talk to RolandD. John took part in paddle training, was much amused by a buoyancy testing session and, like Sue, enjoyed the food. In the evening, after the "Pyranha" talk, he exhausted himself at the ceilidh.

BernardO said the OCSG's role was to sail around the bay to show the variety of boats and different sail and equipment that's available, and also either to loan boats to anyone who wanted to try them out, or to take those out on the water who were not so confident. He found these sessions to be popular and reckons that we might get a few new members.

Next year the symposium ('Symposium: a drinking party, a convivial meeting for drinking, conversation, and intellectual entertainment.' Shorter OED; someone did ask - Ed.) will be held at Aviemore. Will any OCSGers be there?


Sleeping Accommodation (RoyB)

What creature is this? A sampan beached on the Yangtze? By no means. Here we have another example of the ingenuity of the OCSG. WalterG took these photos of PeterB's sleeping accommodation at Rutland Water. Perhaps this is the latest (marine) version of the camper van, increasingly favoured by OCSG members. An 'estate' of them moored across the bay would impress, if nothing else.

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